East Windsor Garage Door Repair

East Windsor Garage Door Repair

We have experience with all brands and all models of garage doors and garage door openers.

Automatic garage doors are indeed modern marvels: push a button and a large door weighing a couple hundred pounds moves up and down effortlessly. Until it stops working -- and then you need to call in an East Windsor garage door repair company.

Before you call a repair company, here are some steps to take to see if you can fix the door yourself.

1) The easiest and simplest things to do is to check near the door's light sensor. Is anything blocking it? Dust, cobwebs, a box? If so, be sure to move it and try your door again.

2) Check your owner's manual first to see if what your garage door is doing -- or perhaps more accurately, not doing -- is listed. Most manuals have a "troubleshooting section" and you can read there to see if your door's "symptoms" are mentioned. If so, you can then follow the instructions to see if you can get the door to open and close again. <

3) If the door still doens't work, try tightening some bolts and replace any that are missing. Check the rollers and pulleys, and see if your East Windsor garage door springs are rusted or worn out. Check out the light sensor again. Do you believe it might be out of alignment. This often is a cause of a garage door malfunction.

Finally, if you've been unable to fix your door, it probably is time to call our East Windsor garage repair company. We provide what we call "five star" service to all our customers. Call us today!

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