Fairless Hills Garage Door Repair

Fairless Hills Garage Door Repair

We have experience with all brands and all models of garage doors and garage door openers.

If your garage door has stopped working our Fairless Hills garage door repair company is here to help. 

But before you call us, here are some tips to help you possibly fix whatever is ailing your door so that you don't have to pay the cost of having a Fairless Hills garage door repair technician come to your home to alleviate the problem. 

Naturally, you should check to see if there's anything blocking the door's light sensors. If the sensors are blocked, the two sensors at either of the door's sides can't "see" each other and the door will stop working. 

Second, if you need to open the door to check on the sensing "eyes" and you find you can't open it because, well, it's not working, give the cord that's hanging from the door opening unit (near your garage ceiling). This will disengage the door from the door opening system. You'll then need to heave the door open and closed manually. 

Check your owner's manual's "troubleshooting" section to see if your door's "symptoms" are listed there. If so, try the steps outlined in the manual to see if a simple adjustment can be made somewhere. For example, sometimes a garage door's operating button gets overloaded and needs to be reset. This usually is very easy to do -- just follow your owner's manual instructions! 

If you do need to contact a Fairless Hills garage door repair service, call Royal Doors, Inc. Our "five-star service," will have your garage door quickly working smoothly and we'll do service it at reasonable rates. Call us today!

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