Princeton Jct Garage Door Repair

Princeton Jct Garage Door Repair

We have experience with all brands and all models of garage doors and garage door openers.

Most of us think of the sectional, roll-up type of door when we shop at a Princeton Jct garage door repair and sales company. But did you know that today you have a wide variety of garage doors from which to choose?

Visit a Princeton Jct garage door repair and sales company and you may see the "traditional" hinged garage door. These doors swing outwards and can be automated. Many people like these types of doors because, if a manual door, there's no mechanical rigging on their garage ceiling taking up space. People who use their garages mostly for storage like having the extra space.

A retractable garage door moves up and outwards so that the whole door is pulled into the ceiling of the garage. These doors don't leave as much room at the garage ceiling since their inside frame will take up space.

A canopy door is similar to a retractable garage door, although the door doesn't go into the garage all the way; a part of it sticks outside the garage door opening.

The sectional garage door is by far our Princeton Jct garage door repair and sales company's most popular style. These doors run on a track that pulls them up and inside the garage smoothly. They're balanced well and so are easy to open and shut. Many people automate them, so that a push of a button glides them up and out of sight.

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