Service and Repair

Garage Door Repair Experts
We have experience with all brands and all models of garage doors and garage door openers.

Some of Our Service:

  • Dented or Damaged Sections
  • Crooked or Out of Alignment
  • Garage Door Running Loud
  • Rollers Out of The Track
  • Broken Springs or Cables
  • Garage Door Opener Wont Close

All of these problems can be fixed today! An Annual Garage Door Tune Up can also help prevent some of these garage door issues.

Annual Garage Door Tune Up

An annual garage door tune-up is a must for maintaining safety and reliable operation. ROYAL DOORS INC will make sure your garage door is in working order and replace your old rollers with this money-saving offer!

  • Replace up to 10 rollers with quiet nylon ball bearing rollers
  • Lubrication of all hinges, bearings, springs, and the opener rail
  • Checking spring tension for proper door balance
  • Checking tracks for proper spacing
  • Checking all hinges and tightening where needed
  • Checking lift cables for signs of wear
  • Checking and adjusting the opener’s safety pressures
  • Checking and adjusting infrared sensors for proper alignment

Garage Door Springs

If you are like most of us, you probably have not paid much attention to your garage door springs. The fact is, there is no other single part on your garage door that is more important to the proper functioning of your garage door. That's one reason for having your garage door springs either inspected or replaced. Please do not attempt this repair yourself as Garage door springs are dangerous!

Dented or Damaged Sections

It is possible for your garage door to hit an object and cause a dent in a section or even cause a garage door section to rip and tear apart. This type of damage or split will get larger and should be repaired immediately. It's important to replace section and reinforce it. The garage door opener should also be adjusted.

Garage Door Opener Wont Close

If something in the way of your safety sensors or possibly they are not alligned properly. All garage door openers need to be adjusted and maintained. Call us now and we will be able to get the door moving as intended.

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